September 2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

The Will of the Woods – an elf tale from Belgium, winner of an Ogle Award for Best Fantasy audio of the year. And a short, indeed, Barely Tale, from Big Fun Radio Funtime.

The Will of the Woods, Part 2 – An original and new fantasy tale from Belgium. Myrilia has gone out into the woods to find her friend, Nuzwick, who went through a gate in the woods. She and her mentor, Saffredon, confront a “monster” in the Infinite Woods.

The Will of the Woods, Part 3 – Myrilia goes looking for her missing friend, Nuzwick, and meets up with a wraith, who travels with her in order to regain his memory of who he is. In this conclusion they deal with being put in the Rats’ dungeon, and meet the great Monster said to be lurking in the Infinite Forest. From Audio-Epics in Belgium.

Dixon and Sparks: Excuse Me While I Disappear – a new detective series from ZBS. Dixon and Sparks run the Existential Detective Agency. Dixon can see things that others can’t. And we’ll have a short silly subject from Big Fun Radio Funtime, too.

The Night Has Begun – a Dixon and Sparks Mystery from ZBS. Chapters 2-6. The story includes headhunters, curses, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.