July 2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground Archives

Rod Renegade: Chaos For Hire – An enhanced agent with a computer chip in his head goes on another adventure. From Rich Frohlich and D.B. Humphries and the Texas Radio Theatre.

Alice in Wonderland – a new production by Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre of Ontario, Canada. Featuring Barbara Rosenblat in several roles.

Romance… two stories about a romance, from different times, places, and styles. Two If By Sea, by Julie Hoverson and 19 Nocturne Boulevard. And that’s followed by September, September, by Brian Price, directed by Robin Miles at the NATF Workshop in 2012.

The Apotheosis Saga, Episodes 1-3 – Bill Wright, Jr. is suddenly and without warning, given the powers of a god. He doesn’t know why or how. But now he wants to know these things. From Cephalopod Productions.