May 2010 Radio Rumpus Room Archives

5/7/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

We started the final countdown with tonight’s show: just four more Radio Rumpus Rooms before they dump the whole sorry operation in the gaping maw of The Crusher. Tonight we had as our very special guest, local music legend Michael Yonkers. We’ve had the man responsible for Microminiature Love and many other works — from the Sixties to today — on the show several times before, and we knew we wanted to have him back before the damn program drew to an end.

Also tonight: we divulged the real reason Radio Rumpus Room is leaving the airwaves on May 28. In the words of radio icon Paul Harvey, stay tuned for the rest of the story…

5/14/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

As we wind down the last shows of our 19 years on-air, it seemed only proper to have on a trio that has been indelibly linked to RRR: Big Surf. Chris and Phil and Steve allowed us to share a stage with them for four-odd years, during the better part of the run of the monthly First Saturday Surf Stomp (aka Surf Night) at the Hexagon Bar. Checkout the half dozen thunderers Surf Stomp’s host band performed in our little concrete- and glass block-lined shack on East Lake Street!

5/21/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

As this was our second-to-last Radio Rumpus Room ever, we doubled down on the guests. The St. Paul surf’n‘drag combo the 99ers joined us in the studio for a half dozen live ‘uns, and Tony Andreason and Dal Winslow, founding members of the legendary Twin City stomp kings the Trashmen hung out with us to chat and spin some tales. Whoa dad — don’t be a hodad! Check out this show while you can!

ALSO, and VERY IMPORTANT: We want to keep in touch with as many of our Highly Valued Listeners ™ as we can. Please please please pass along your name and email address (or a phone number if that’s the only way) so we can let you know when we sit in or sub for another show, OR when we put together some in-person RRR-type event in the Cities. You can reach us at rumpus2 (at) or snail mail us at Ron and Jean, 3119 37th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55406. We’d love to hear from ya!

5/28/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

Well, to paraphrase an old Wisconsin saying: Good gravy, Gertie — it’s the last Radio Rumpus Room! Yep, with tonight’s show we wrapped up just a shade over 19 years of our always-evolving mistake-in-progress. It’s been a great time and we’ve made many great friends, but simply put we figured it was best to give someone else a shot at the airwaves, rather than hunkering down liked we owned the spot. Because, you know, we don’t. (The friends, we guess, we get to keep!) This was a very fun show this week, and all the more terrific with all the friends and fans who came down to participate in this final stomp. Coupled with three of our favorite bands who trotted down to play live in the studio — Cockfight, Nordic Surf, and the Fret Rattles — well, it was pretty much a perfect evening.

Be assured that we won’t be going away; we’re just considering it a lengthy break from the weekly grind (though it never felt like a grind). We both think it would be nice to come back eventually with another regularly scheduled show — one probably feeling a lot like the time-tested Radio Rumpus Room. Meanwhile we’ll be very content to fill-in and sit-in on some of our friends shows, and just keep doin’ what needs doin’ at KFAI. The station deserves your support, and we hope you’ll continue to be there for it.

Thanks again, friends. It’s been a fantastic time, and we expect to see you around!