April 2010 Radio Rumpus Room Archives

4/2/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

We had a great first pledge show, which encourages us that KFAI will make its goal for the Spring 2010 drive. Since we were unable to do our usual mid-winter Day The Surf Stood Still show, and will not be around to do Hot Rods To Hell in mid-June, we combined both for a surf’n‘drag-themed pledge show tonight. Dig it!

If you enjoy listening to Radio Rumpus Room, and support the kind of community radio station that makes programs like this possible, PLEASE take the time to go to the KFAI website (www.kfai.org) by clicking on the logo above. You can pledge using your credit card; it’s a secure site. And while you’re at it, it’s not going to hurt if you indicate that you’re a supporter of this darn program. Thanks, Highly Valued Listener! — Ron and Jean

P.S. Next week: Our final edition of Big Beat Badger Blowout — the too-rarely heard rockin’ sounds of ’60s Wisconsin.

4/9/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

Thanks to our Highly Valued Listeners, Radio Rumpus Room blew past all previous show best records in KFAI’s Spring 2010 Pledge Drive. It was our last membership drive on RRR, and both of us dearly appreciate the support for KFAI Fresh Air Radio (and our darn show too)!

— Ron and Jean

4/16/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

Cockfight! As down’n‘dirty as its namesake and half-again as tuneful! We were proud to have these boy-men back in the Radio Rumpus Room garage for another clamor-fest. Check’em out in the archives through April 30 (May 7 if we’re lucky).

4/23/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

Why, the Very Idea! (The band, that is.) Thanks to the five tuneful members of the Very Idea for braving the slippery conditions inside the Radio Rumpus Room garage (dang oil spill!) as they serenaded us with a half-dozen songs during tonight’s show. It was a blast, folks! Check it out in the RRR archives (right here) when you make the time. Worth it!

And next week, Friday, April 30: our long-promised Sixties Culture Wars extravaganza. Guaranteed something to offend everyone with this one: juicer and pothead, young and old, left-wing commie bombthrower and right-wing caveman misanthrope alike!

4/30/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

Sixties Culture Wars! The very last ever Radio Rumpus Room theme show, featuring young vs old, left vs right, pothead vs juicer. Broadcast for historical purposes only, a show so divisive that 62 percent of a test audience found its content offensive regardless of what side of the issues they favored!