March 2010 Radio Rumpus Room Archives

3/5/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

Guess someone drew a blank on this description too (Jean)!

3/12/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

Item for this week’s Ripped From Today’s Headlines segment:

A woman with her boyfriend and toddler in tow visits the zoo in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. She gets the idea she’s gonna feed the bear, and crawls over several barriers to do it. She sticks her hand in the black bear cage, and the bear chomps down on her hand, biting off the thumb and a couple fingers. Her boyfriend gets bitten trying to pry the bear’s jaws open. The accompanying news article offered that police suspect alcohol was involved. Jean recounts this story during the show, then editorializes:

What kind of moron gives BOOZE to a BEAR?!?!?

3/19/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

Would you like a human ear with those eggs?

Apparently, just a normal question in the early morning hours at a St. Paul diner, as recounted by Jean this week in our Ripped From Today’s Headlines (or Gnawed, as the case may be) segment of Radio Rumpus Room.

3/26/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

This week’s Ripped from Today’s Headlines (or otherwise removed with an industrial cutting tool) segment, as recounted recently in the Southampton (England) Daily Echo:

HED: Southampton man cut free after getting penis stuck in steel pipe

A man who got his genitals stuck in a steel pipe had to be cut free by eight firefighters using an industrial cutting tool. The heavy-duty cutting gear had to be used to remove the three-inch-long hollow pipe after medics were unable to release it. The painstaking operation took around an hour.

The drama began after the man took himself to the ermergency room at the local general hospital. Restricted blood flow had left the man in a state of arousal, and unable to remove the pipe. A crew of firefighters was called, who arrived with specialized equipment. An industrial cutting wheel with a four-and-a-half-inch rotary disc was used to slice open the stainless steel pipe.

The man, in his thirties, offered no explanation for his predicament but was said to be quite concerned and anxious. He was given an anaesthetic prior to the procedure.

Fire crew manager Adrian Johnson said, It was a very delicate operation. We did not want anything heating up. The person who did it deserves a commendation for his nerve and steady hand. Meanwhile, watch manager Greg Garrett added, I’ve only come across this type of thing three or four times in my 17 years as a firefighter. It’s not a daily occurrence.

True story!