January 2015 Archives

Cold sunshne outside my window and good music to go along with i in hour 1.  DJ Romain joins me in hour 2 with a wide sweep of songs from France

Continuing with "Listeners Take the mic month"  on Grooving Plenty.  scroll up hour 2 for selections by KFAI listener and local author  Dan Flynn


Riding the good vibe of days getting longer.  Nothing like a vitamin D hit to make your day go by a little bit easier.  Throw in some good mujsic and you got it made. Take a spin on the archive 

Friday afternoon in January gets the DJ MoZho treatment. Tropical bass out of Chile, cumbia villera out of Lyon, future soul, hip hop, remixes. New music from young artists who aren't afraid to blur boundaries.

Tune in Friday Feb 27th for the next installment! In the meantime, for a handful of past sets, check mixcloud.com/minnaz.

(Image by Chrisb Marquez)