December 2014 Archives

Shout out to DJ MoZho for takin the mic last week.  Catch her show on the archive for another week.  As for today it's good songs from all over.  If you didn't catch it live ride the archive.


Greetings on this foggy and misty day.   "Don't have to shovel drizzel" says Blanche from Fubar Omniverse. I like that.  Check out the archive for some cool music from all over on this edition of Groovin Plenty


Greetings of the season and thanks to Miguel for running the first hour of this 12 19 14 edition of GPlenty while I was off chasing nickels and dimes. You can hear his interview with the Unknown Prophets at the back quarter of hour 1.    


Special Year-End edition of DJ MoZho on Groovin Plenty! In the first hour, we played some 3ball, nu cumbia, Naija afrobeats, soul, dancehall, and more exciting new music from around the world. In the second hour: Favorites of 2014! Check it. 

Amendments: I mistakenly implied that Lima is in Chile. Forgive me.