November 2014 Archives

Heading into the back end of Fall and spinning music to help an overcast day go on by 

Pam Hill got the nod to fill in this Friday afternoon. She took us through a funky Hall & Oates cover, Brooklyn, Chicago, Africa, Minneapolis, down to Jamaica (yeah "Legends of Ska" film!), back to Africa, Brazil, more Minneapolis, and somehow back to Daryl Hall. Check out the playlist for the trip; listen to the archive for something to break the cold snap.

Thanks to Pam Hill for covering 11/14/14  Gplenty.  She spun good tunes on a wide sweep.  As for this week it's all on the archive including a guest appearances from young djs


DJ MoZho took the mic to bring a special 2-hour set of music from young voices around the globe. The set is dedicated to Mike Brown and Ferguson; Native voices taking a stand against the Keystone XL Pipeline; and generally working through it all via music: 3ball, afrohouse, jazzy Ghanaian soul, Beijing rock, and more.

Tune in every last Friday of the month for more from DJ MoZho! See you next time, Friday Dec. 26, 2014!