May 2014 Groovin Plenty Archives

5/2/2014 Groovin Plenty

check out thecover of Iron Man right out of the gate in hour one and one half hour in you can hear a couple songs from visiting Atlanta band Lily and the Tigers

5/9/2014 Groovin Plenty

Cool new music right from the start of hour one. Bittersweet love song set too – Check out Bob Dylan’s version of “Return to me”. Second hour brings you cool covers of “Train in Vain” by Smocking Flamingo from The Clash Goes Jamaican and “Chase the Devil” Hungarian Stylee… . A visit from El Commandante in last half of hour 2 as well and even went out with “Kung Fu Fighting (the original from Carl Douglas). Till next show…

5/16/2014 Groovin Plenty

A set of beautiful Afro roots music at top of hour 1 featuring Fatoumata Diawara’s “Kanou” and “Queen of The Field (Patsey’s Song)” from Alicia Keys. Coming to town set 45 min into hour 1 and a visit from Courtney Yasmineh playing live in studio at 30 min into hour 2.

5/23/2014 Groovin Plenty

Springshine greetings on this edition of GP. it’s “Rock My Boat” by Robert Nesta Marley and his Wailers remixed Stuhr style opening hour 1 followed up w/ a cool instrumental set. A move it dance block at 45 min into hour 1. World step music 20 min into hour 2 with Noiseshaper’s Universal and The Spy from Cairo w/ Aladin Dub.. The last half hour presents The Lijadu Sisters, Davido (Gobe) and D’Banj w/Oliver Twist. Turn on stream and let it flow.

5/30/2014 Groovin Plenty

We are back, like Terminator!!!!!

Yup, it’s been a month people! Life is getting that Minnesota summer speed, It’s lake/wine and beer sipping outside/fireworks-shirtless/state Fair/Mosquitoes/Graduation Parties/LatinoAltROCK!‘s summer kicking program!!!
And it’s this Friday on KFAI Groovin Plenty goes Our WAY!
CALLE 13’s new song: El aguante “We put up with Nagasaki and Hiroshima…and our President…we put up with a lot: Pinochet, Franco, Videla, Mao, Ríos Montt, Mugabe, Hitler, Idi Amin, Stalin, Bush, Truman, Ariel Sharón and Hussein…We put up with the smell of cigarettes, agent orange and Monsanto…”
Let’s drink to our patience!

Cumbia from Croatia,again.

Mexican-Balkan music.Yes, there is such a thing! and it rocks your world!

Mariachi Punk from New York; you gotta listen to this because it doesn’t even sound possible! And it’s damn good!

Unreleased music from Mot Ros! Met Diego Arcaute when Juana Molina was in town, another one of those Cedar Cultural Center’s Concert nights when you meet amazing people and feel that you’ve known each other for ages.

Ana Tijoux (memorize that name): Oh boy do we ever “Believe in you”, you are a goddess, Girl. You can sing “Creo en ti” all day and all night long to us!

Pablo came back from South America bearing gifts: Music from an Argentinian musician that he met at Buenos Aires airport and guess what? They had friends in common!!!! BTW the dude’s name is Gabo Sequeira a self proclaimed Anarchist that described his music this way: “Instead of Rock, I would call it: Powerful, sour, in their 40’s ballads”. And the boy can write!

Bizarro Records sent Pablo back to us a “changed“man: They promised him a LatinoAltROCK!‘s program Identification by Tabare Rivero, and he won’t shut up about it!!! It’s driving us crazy!”…. “Y no queremos ser unos viejos de mierda” La tabare no muere, se clona!

Emily got her fingers on the local scene again: Maria Isa, CMJ, Dem Atlas (remember him? she interviewed him in 2012 aaahhh, only if they would listen to us, cause the kid has got it going on and we’ve been telling it to the world for 2 years!…..Hmmm maybe somebody was listening, he just kicked ass at Soundset!)

Raul, well… he’s still in love with Snow tha Product and who isn’t? She’s the most beautiful Latina on the face of the earth…. find out or it’s totally your loss.

“We believe in the Kingdom Come when all the colors bleed into one” – Bono

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