October 2013 Archives

Featuring a cool cover set from of Bob Marley tunes in hr 1
and a spotlight on Bobby McFerrin with a great version of “Whole World” (as in “He’s Got The”) at the end of hr 2

Cool electronica set out of the gate in hour 1. Quick chat with Dale Connelly and Lenny Chism off the top of hour 2 and classic calypso about 20 min into hour 2.

Pledge Drive edition with a live appearance by Tom Lieberman in hour 1 along with a nice Busy Signal regard tune from Song Spotter Bret.
Rapping with Pam, J Otis, Blanchie, Nikolai throughout the show all Gplenty style. Thanks to everyone who called in.

Pledge Drive edition week 2. Thanks to all who called and spotlight on new members who joined KFAI.
Check out 30 min into hour 2 for a live in studio from Axolotol – an acoustic trio made up of players from Mexico, US and Bulgaria – quite a groovy blend !