May 2014 Louisiana Rhythms Archives

5/2/2014 Louisiana Rhythms

Karl here this week. I sarted of with two newish releases from Valcour records. The newest from Bonsoir Catin, Light the Stars, finds Christine, Kristi and the ladies in fine form. Also on Valcour the Boozoo Chavis Rubber Bootleg series captures Boozoo and band at the 1989 Festival Acadiens et Creoles.

Then as I was doing some research on Bonsoir Catin I found a mention of some recording the band did for local brewers the Bayou Teche Brewing Company. The sessions were produced by Louis Michot and feature Louisiana bands doing rock hits but translating them to French and throwing in a more than a little Cajun/Creole spin. Lots of fun at least for me;-)

I did control myself and didn’t play the Steve Riley version of Down By The River that Clocked in at 9 minutes plus. I also didn’t play L’Homme En Fer which translates to Iron Man. Though with enough requests who know what may happen in the future.


5/9/2014 Louisiana Rhythms
5/16/2014 Louisiana Rhythms
5/23/2014 Louisiana Rhythms

Karl here today. I start the first hour with some new compilations from Valcour Records and then get take a beak form the 2 steps with 5 waltz’s in a row. The second hour features Jeffery Broussard and members of the Broussard family playing zydeco in a bunch of different bands and combinations.

5/30/2014 Louisiana Rhythms

Eric plays some Bonsoir Catin, Nathan Abshire, and more of the good stuff!!