April 2014 Louisiana Rhythms Archives

4/4/2014 Louisiana Rhythms

Eric, Mick Novak, and David Cummings kick off Louisiana Rhythms contribution to KFAI's Spring Pledge Drive!

4/11/2014 Louisiana Rhythms

Eric and Mo round out Louisiana Rhythms contribution to KFAI's Spring Pledge Drive! Thanks to all our supporters!

4/18/2014 Louisiana Rhythms

Karl looks to the end of Lent and the traditional Easter Sunday afternoon and evening music. Some Cajun and Zydeco from both the big and little names.

4/25/2014 Louisiana Rhythms

Karl here as your music programmer today. I started the dance party with a few from the mighty Horace Trahan. Horace has been one of my favorite people and musicians since I was fortunate enough to meet him at the age of 17. It has been wonderful watching him go through the years. Always one of the great voices. Early years with D.L Menard. I can remember them freezing when they came up for an early November gig and ran into the joys of Minnesota weather. Maybe that’s why it has been so hard getting him back. Once he started putting together bands we got a better idea of the way he heard the music. He always injects himself in the music and so it has changed as he has changed and grown.

I followed Horace with some other Zydeco and then moved into what turned out to be a long Balfa Family exploration. Started at the young end with Christine Balfa and Courtney Granger. Then I moved through various bands until I came to the Valcour records gem, The Balfa Family: A Retrospective.

Thanks for listening.