March 2017 Jet Set Planet Archives

The Crate Diggers Lament (in Haiku form): 

Broken back brothers,

With bad breath and poor hygiene;

Too bad – sleeve’s empty.



Two Peters, a Bobby, a Mike, an Al, a Ray.  Meet a Cheetah, a flock of Bouncing Birds,  a Lost Bull.  Take time out of your busy day to smell the pretty little forest flowers planted along your path. (603)

Imagine I’m drawing a stick figure with an orange crayon.  Imagine the stick figure is pointing to a radio antenna on a building.  Imagine that antenna – that looks more like an oven rack, but I don’t draw too good – is dangling off a precipice.  Maybe it’s wearing a colorful scarf that’s blowing in the wind.  Oh no – there it goes… the wind blew if off the edge… goodbye little oven rack of radio.  You were a good friend.  (604)

The Lost Playlist – the Fundraiser Edition (605).  Donate today to help us find the missing playlist

I like the French as much as the next guy (606)