June 2015 Jet Set Planet Archives

Episode #512  CHAOS!

Carol Chaos curates tonight's music while yours truly pushes buttons and yaps.  This is a reprise of Carol's Art-A-Whirl set she played during the big art fest in Northeast Minneapolis on May 15.

Episode #513 – LPs brought back from a recent trip to Tokyo – the WORLD CAPITAL of vinyl record shops.  Glen explains how he was brought to his knees and left wimpering in the aisles and aisles and AISLES of vinyl in the Land of the Rising Sun.

{N} Artist's Making their debut on the program

Episode #514 – The AA Marshall Experience: it doesn't get any more dilapidated than that.   

Plus Vinnie Bell, the "other" Ray Davies, and a true fan favorite our  semi-decadal Coney Island moment.  (BTW internet rumors of a certain KFAI programmer going 'au naturel' in studio 4 are grossly over-inflated.)

{N} = Artist making debut on the program

Episode #515 – An album put out by Chevrolet to sell more cars… I thnk.  Also lots of new-to-me vinyl and people making their debut on the program.

{N}= Artist's debut on the program