January 2015 Jet Set Planet Archives

Episode #490: BEST vinyl finds of 2014 – with guest co-host Steve Kyle

Episode #491 There's NO escaping Jet Set Planet

Episode #492 a Sorta-SuperSet of Henry Mancini and other delights, sorta.

Episode #493 – Complete meltdown in the studio forces yours truly into the auxiilary studio that's equiped with one buzzy turntable (and all I brought was vinyl!)

A very special "extended set" version of Jet Set Planet.

Episode #494 Getting PROGRESSIVELY STIMULIZED.  Plus Michel Legrand's "Sailors, Friends, Lovers or Husbands" (take your pick); David Rose NOT playing The Stripper;  heavy dosages of "hum along with Vibe guy" Gary McFarland going 80 Miles per Hour through Beer-Can Country; and the world's fist Hippie featured in a stupefying double shot of Nature Boy.