November 2014 Jet Set Planet Archives

Episode #483: The Happy Frankfurt, Johnny and Me.

On tonight’s program we spend some time at a number of drinking establishments – which is a change of pace for this program – usually we all go blind laying about on our EZ-Boy recliners… but not tonight! 

Episode #484: Tonight’s program features a half-dozen LPs taken directly from the pile of records that will eventually become the KFAI record sale.  German Hacks and an AMAZING Isaac Hayes LP. 

Episode #485 Have you ever witnessed an 18th Century Concept inside a 20th Century Bag?  Do you even know what that means?  Do I even know what that means?  Are we talking about grocery bags again? … Well who cares!

The Boys from Jazzed Up and Bonkers take the reins while Glen Leslie is back East eating Turkey.