October 2013 Jet Set Planet Archives

Episode #426 “Peter Wyngarde, Julie and Me.” Featuring an explanation of what really happened after Jenny kissed him AND a tribute to John Doremus’ “Patterns in Music.”

Episode #427 Once again Dave Roberts takes over the controls of Jet Set Planet’s very own 707. Steering clear of any mountain top collisions and proving once and for all, no matter how Swank a song may be – Sammy Davis Jr. can make it Swankier!

Episode #428: FALL PLEDGE DRIVE EDITION Part 1: I mean, what’s not to like about musical genres such as:
“the French are Oui”
“Up with Berry, and don’t Give Me No Lip, Man”
“Desafinado is Dee-licious”
and of course “What IF the 3rd Reich Had Won the War.”

Episode #429 — “Hey that’s a sweet mouth” mix