November 2012 Jet Set Planet Archives

11/2/2012 Jet Set Planet

Happy Bulls and a Winter Warm(ing) trend.

11/9/2012 Jet Set Planet

Tonight’s program features a super set of Henry Mancini, a salute to Tom Jones, songs about Nightmares, songs about Pineapple Pirates, a song about a burnt hand – I kid you not – and something from an album with the craziest title of all time: “Make Mine Cha Cha Cha… Mambo for Me, Oooh! That Merengue…!

11/16/2012 Jet Set Planet

From Gotham City and the Asphalt Jungle to Tahiti… and a Night at the Captain’s Galley.

11/23/2012 Jet Set Planet

Lonely Harpsichord Memories of that Rainy Night and other mysteries of the thrifts

11/30/2012 Jet Set Planet

“He played that song so many times, the needle eventually started playing the song on the other side of the record!”