June 2012 Jet Set Planet Archives

6/1/2012 Jet Set Planet

Tonight’s concoction of an episode contains 1 part Spy Jazz, 1 part Music for the Criminal Element – otherwise known as Crime Jazz, 1 part stereo dynamica, 1 part Latin beats, and 2 parts weird – like in Pete Drake weird.

6/8/2012 Jet Set Planet

I, Groan and other sounds with Bongos and stuff

6/15/2012 Jet Set Planet

On tonight’s program it’s All Command – All the time! That’s right, you heard that correctly in both the right channel and in the left channel. Tonight on Jet Set Planet we feature all vinyl from the Command Records library! Every single record in on COMMAND. If you ever needed to balance your stereo speakers while drinking bourbon hi-balls and while digging that BONGO beat, tonight is your night!

6/22/2012 Jet Set Planet

Hey it’s a Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine kinda show!

6/29/2012 Jet Set Planet

I am not Naked when I do my show. That rumor is false.