January 2012 Jet Set Planet Archives

1/13/2012 Jet Set Planet

If you are a Sun Lover this is your kinda show. If you dig Pulsations, this is your kinda show. If the song titles Lust, Tony’s Wife, and Snake Dancer fire your loins, this is your kinda show. If you like Tropical Fire with Your Voodoo, this is your kinda show. And if you can take a few Hammer blows, Day in and Day out, without throwing in the towel, THIS is your kinda show.

1/20/2012 Jet Set Planet

Two awesome listener requests and two songs about Clowns. So now you know there are at least 4 songs played on tonight’s program.

1/27/2012 Jet Set Planet

“And when I die, and when I’m dead, dead and gone, there will be one more crate of records to carry on == up the stairs… to the car… to the studio…and on the air!”

1/6/2012 Jet Set Planet

Fraulein ‘D’ Cup wants YOU!