July 2011 Jet Set Planet Archives

7/1/2011 Jet Set Planet

Today is Tomorrow; the Future is a Sound Shock; Spock can’t outplay a bicycle wheel – Things are Happening NOW.

7/8/2011 Jet Set Planet

Night People, Apes, and other friends of the program.

7/15/2011 Jet Set Planet

Pa Cartwright revisits Ringo in French. The Living Marimbas’ unique take on Folsom Prison Blues seems to confirm reports that Johnny Cash really did back over their poodle with his Cadillac. And guest host Jean of Radio Rumpus Room posits: When your album is titled Light My Fire With Classical Gas, you know you are really in trouble.

7/22/2011 Jet Set Planet

June’s Exotica Special in July!

7/29/2011 Jet Set Planet

Dirty Tricks, a Girl on a Mission, and a Murder in Chicago.