April 2011 Jet Set Planet Archives

4/1/2011 Jet Set Planet

Pledge Drive Action with Jean from Radio Rumpus Room, Carol Chaos from the Higher-than-fi Research Team, and Todd Melby from Listening Lounge. We discuss records to strip by and other delights.

4/15/2011 Jet Set Planet

While Glen’s in Bongoville, Greg Carr takes the controls of Jet Set Planet.

4/22/2011 Jet Set Planet

Topkat mans the controls while Glen is out buying MORE records. Hey, Dude, take a breather on the record sales, you’re running out of room.

4/8/2011 Jet Set Planet

Pledge Show #2 with Ron Thums of Radio Rumpus Room. Funky Frauleins, Fred Bongusto, The Bobby Havana Boys, and MORE!

4/29/2011 Jet Set Planet

Record Store Day Review! Lots of “new-to-me” vinyl on the show tonight! All purchased on Record Store Day, April 16, 2011.