March 2011 Jet Set Planet Archives

3/18/2011 Jet Set Planet

Pete Moore featured artist.

3/4/2011 Jet Set Planet

You’ll hear from artists with just one name: like Clebanoff and Cavallaro; you’ll hear from women with two first names — like Ann-Margret; you’ll hear the exciting sounds of the Cha Cha; the mambo, the exotic – and the more catatonic sounds – yes, the EZ-Sleazy music stylings of Beautiful Music.

3/11/2011 Jet Set Planet

The majestic EZ sounds of Nelson Riddle, the whistling prowess of Kelly’s Heroes, the forgotten and almost loathsome organ groans of Orville Thomas, and the sheer ridiculousness of the Mary Kaye Trio and their soundtrack to a Hula lesson. And that’s not even 1 / 7th of the playlist!

3/25/2011 Jet Set Planet

March Jungle Madness! 90 minutes of the Exotic Sounds of Hawaii, Hollywood Polynesia, the Desert Sands of the Middle East and MORE!