October 2010 Jet Set Planet Archives

10/1/2010 Jet Set Planet

Carol Chaos, Percy Faith, and Me. Pledge Drive never sounded so EZ.

10/8/2010 Jet Set Planet

Pledge Drive, Part 2 – with Ron Thums!

10/15/2010 Jet Set Planet

A Cross-eyed Cyclops, the Japanese Sandman, a Woman in Space, and Homo Eroticus will all make their appearance on tonight’s program.

10/22/2010 Jet Set Planet

CD giveaway on Tonight’s JSP! When the bell tolls – YOU WIN!

10/29/2010 Jet Set Planet

A request for Terry Baxter turns into a super-set for the ages. One listener calls and gives it her seal of approval. Another first time listener writes: Oh. My. God. … I think you owe me an apology.