August 2010 Jet Set Planet Archives

8/6/2010 Jet Set Planet

Like Manna from Heaven, but it comes from the cesspool instead.

8/13/2010 Jet Set Planet

Requests for Young and Rubicam’s Buy, Buy Baby AND deep grooves from Vic Mizzy’s Quincy M.E. tracks. The Morgue never sounded so hip.

8/20/2010 Jet Set Planet

Orgasmic Organ Action from Lenny Dee; The Exotic Guitars featured in a 3-song set; the Trial of Floyd Cramer; and proof that Lawrence Welk doesn’t suck.

8/27/2010 Jet Set Planet

A Cal Tjader set; Floyd Cramer on appeal; Trumpets Ole and one record taken from deep within The Vinyl Ripening Chamber: the Keith Textor Singers’ Measure the Valley.