March 2010 Jet Set Planet Archives

3/15/2010 Jet Set Planet

Crate Diggers Delight Redux!

3/22/2010 Jet Set Planet

If you’re into Spy tunes, then step right up. If organ mit organ is your kinda scene, then step right up. If guys wearing wigs fire your loins, then step right up. Step right up to the radio program that has reached deep into the back rooms of Thrift Store USA to bring you radio happiness.

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3/29/2010 Jet Set Planet

Spring 2010 Pledge Drive Edition (Part I). Please donate what you can to Jet Set Planet and KFAI! Press the Pledge Now Button in the upper right of this website.

3/8/2010 Jet Set Planet

The moon blasts out of earth’s orbit, and other delights.

3/1/2010 Jet Set Planet