April 2016 Voice Cried Softly Archives

VCS Presents: The return of All Over the Map with your substitute host DJ Weston East, and from Kung Fu Ska to Pinball Cha Cha to a galaxy far, far away, THIS map gets REALLY big REALLY fast… and with YMCK's 52 Futures to play with, there's no telling where it could all end up, so I'll just clue you in… BABYMETAL is somehow mixed up in it all!

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A 6-hour tooooooour!! A 6-hour tooooooour!!

DJ Weston East takes you All Over The Map 'til the Blend!!!

Q: (asked by Les Claypool)  – What Would Sir George Martin Do??  -  A:  (answered by ska band ARTS, quoting The Beatles)  – Day Tripper!!!!

The Godfathers of Invention!!