January 2016 Voice Cried Softly Archives

Holiday and the First One of the Year!!

The NINTH annual David Bowie Birthday Bash!!!

HOUR 1: Blackstar

In this corner, Cat With 2 Heads!!  In that corner, Bigfoot!!! And  Big Foot!!!! You just know this ain't gonna be a fair fight. I mean, sure the tabby's no giant, but he DOES have two heads!!!  And on the other side of the East River, it's dubtronaut Black Market vs. astronauts David Bowman and  David Bowie, with the notorious Hal 9000 ringside, certain to cause havoc of some kind!!! Then it's wubblemeister Datsik vs Nobuo Uematsu_ and, with special referee Chris Solon, David Bowie vs. Lady Gaga in a Dubstep Match!!!!

Farewell Spaceboy: David Bowie Tribute
David Bowie – Blackstar 9:59
(Blackstar / ISO)
David Bowie – Unwashed & Somewhat Slightly Dazed 6:53
(Space Oddity 40th Anniversary Edition / Virgin)
Unknown & David Bowie – All The Madmen (live intro / original) 5:36
(Mayor Of Sunset Strip soundtrack / Shout! Factory)