January 2015 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program Archives

Weather information for today:  Current temperature is -2*F; This afternoon will warm up to 5*F with a partly Cloudy sky.  This evening will drop down to -13*F.

Music Program as listed below here.

Weather information for the  day:  Current temperature is 12*F; this afternoon will rise to 16*F; condition overcast; tonight will drop down to -4*F; Record at average normal condition it should be 23*F high and 7*F low.  Record high was 44*F in 1986 and Low of -31*F in 1977.  Last year was 41*F high and 34*F low.

Program format:  Music show as listed:

Weather information:  Current Temperature on this date is 36*F; It will be the same condition throughout the afternoon with partly cloudy; This evening will drop to 27*F; Normal average temperture is 28*F high and 7*F for the low.  We are well above average today.  In 1891 it was 48*F for the high and in 1887 was -36*F for the low.  Last year was 40*F high and 17*F for the low.

Program:  Music program as listed below: 

Current weather information:  Current temperature is 23*F; This afternoon is forcast to be 27*F with partly cloudy condition; tonight will drop back to 23*F.  Normal condition would be  24*F for the high and 7*F for the low.  Record shown high of 58*F in 1944 and low of 31*F in 1904.  Last year was 21*F for the high and 4*F for the low.

Program:  Music as listed here: