December 2014 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program Archives

Weather in the Minneapolis area on this date is 33*F; in the afternoon is predicted to be 37*F with ice pellets in the condition; this evening will be down to 32*F; Average normal  temperature is 30*F high and 15*F low; on this same day in 1939 was 54*F and in 1972 was -20*F; last year  was 32*F for the high and 24*F for the low.

PROGRAM:  Music show as listed:

Weather information for today:  Current Temperture is 47*F; condition is mild with mostly cloudy and raining.  This afternoon is forecasted to be 54*F; and this evening will drope down to 43*F.  Normal temperature is 27*F high, and 12*F low.  Record high was 55*F in 1998; and -23*F low in 1901.  Last year was 39*F high, and 20*F low.

Music Program as listed:

Weather forecast of today:  Current temperature is 34*F.  This afternoon will be 37*F and will continue to rain.  Temperature will drop down to 36*F in the eveing and will continue to rain.

Weather information for this date:  Current temperature: 18*F; this afternoon will warm up to be 25*F and the it will drop to 7*F for the night.