July 2014 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program Archives

HealthTalk- Mao and Xee explained diabetes condition- signs and symptoms and preventive measures.  Mao explained what causes someone to need dialysis. Wachue, Mao and Shoua briefed about the SUDS project which brought them to know each others.  Wachue is moving into Minnesota from out of state.  A word of welcome Wachue to the state of Minnesota.  Listen to the show for more details.

Weather Information:  Current Temperature is 69*F; This afternoon will increase to 75*F; this evening will drop to 59*F; Normal Average Temperture is 83*F, high and 64*F, low.  Record shows the hotest year was 1931, it was 104*F; and in 1971, low temperature was at 49*F.  Last year it was 80*F for the high and 64*F for the low.

Talk Show:  Eating habbit- Mao and Shoua talks about the current trend of eating habbit and what has caused health problems because of our habbit of eating.  Listen to the show for details of the discussion.