March 2013 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program Archives

Weather information:  Current temperature:  29*F; this afternoon= 32*F; this evening=22*F; Partly cloudy; Monday snow likely, Hgih=31*F; Low=19*F in the evening; Tuesday, snow in the morning, High=

Current Temp=19*F; this afternoon=27*F; tonight=21*F; Patly cloudy

Monday, high=26*F; low=7*F; Tuesday, high=19*F; low=2*F with Partly cloudy.

Current temperature: 31*F  This afternoon= 36*F; condition= partly cloudy;  tonight= 26*F;  Monday, high=35*F; low=26*F; Tuesday, high= 34*F; low= 19*F; conditio

Reverend Timothy said that according to the poetry scripture of the Hmong