March 2013 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program Archives

Weather information:  Current temperature:  29*F; this afternoon= 32*F; this evening=22*F; Partly cloudy; Monday snow likely, Hgih=31*F; Low=19*F in the evening; Tuesday, snow in the morning, High=27*F; Low= 12*F.  

Spring Pledge is just around the corner; we would like to encourage everyone to start thinking about supporting KFAI through HARRProgram and start saving from now on ward.  

Current Temp=19*F; this afternoon=27*F; tonight=21*F; Patly cloudy

Monday, high=26*F; low=7*F; Tuesday, high=19*F; low=2*F with Partly cloudy.

Announcement:  Attorney Dawb Yaj and her Associate will be on the show on 3/24/13

Topic of discussion:  Legal Service

Pledge Drive  will begin on 4/3-12/ 2013

5/1/13-Celebrating KFAI 35th year in existance.

Hmong Language Program 29 years 

Current temperature: 31*F  This afternoon= 36*F; condition= partly cloudy;  tonight= 26*F;  Monday, high=35*F; low=26*F; Tuesday, high= 34*F; low= 19*F; condition= cloudy.

Announcement: Pledge drive begins April 3rd to 12th/2013.  plan to make your pledge now until the next two week, then get ready to call KFAI to pledge

Talk show, topic of discussion:  Legal services

Reverend Timothy said that according to the poetry scripture of the Hmong "Zaj qhuab ke," Hmong believes and worship God the All mighty who created the universe and the poetry script says at the beginning of the creation, human usually goes to God to ask for advice and to obtain seeds for planting.