February 2013 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program Archives

February 3, 2013

Weather Information:  Current Temperature:  12*F; this afternoon will be between 12*F and downward to  5*F for tonight.  Tomorrow high=14*F; low= 12*F; snow in the evening.  Tuesday High=27*F; low=12*F, snow in the morning.  Records Normal high=26*F; low=9*F;  in 1934, high=51*F; in 1886 low= 27*F below zero.  Last year, Feb 3, 2012 high= 19*F; low= -2*F.

Current temperature 32*F; this afternoon 35*F and snowing; tonight 23*F, snow mix continues; tomorrow High= 25*F; Low=11*F; gusty wind; Tuesday High=23*F; Low=15*F, less wind.  Encourage listeners to plan for Spring pledge.  Keep KFAI and HARRP in your thought of donating.

Weather information:  Curren temperature:  26*F; this afternoon 31*F; tonight 25*F; Monday High=30*F, Low=2*F; Tuesday High=8*F, Low= 6*F; Record  Normal High= 30*F; Low=14*F; 1981 High= 55*F; 1936-Low= -20*F; last year High= 46*F; Low=30*F.

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Announcement:  Next week 2/24/13, Healthtalk; Topic of discussion Mental Health Issue by Dr. Khu Thao from Wilder Foundation.  Stay tune …

Weather information:  Current Temp: 30*F; This afternoon= 31*F; tonight= 20*F; partly cloudy; Tomorrow- snow shower, High= 32*F; Low= 22*F; Tuesday, High= 34*F; Low= 21*F.

Topic of discussion:  Mental Health.