January 2013 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program Archives

Ms. Lee states her goal to visit United States is to present her very own music and a video movie called Skeleton wife.  Ms. Lee explained that The movie is about the two lover whom the first generation were not able to get marry due to circumstances and the girl committed suicide by fell off the mountain cliff.  Then second generation, the man re-incarnated into a man and the woman re-incarnated into an urgly woman, however, her dead sole is still occupied the site where her body was dropped.

The weather information in Minneapolis, current temperature 8*F; this afternoon will rise to 18*F; tonight= -4*F with partly cloudy sky; Monday, high= 14*F; low= 9*F; Tuesday high= 27*F; low= 25*F with partly cloudy.  Record high= 48*F in 1987; low= -30*F in 1916; Last Year was 16*F.

Hmong immigrants population as they entered the state of Minnesota, official counts- source MDH.
Influenza “FLU” sickness- # of sick people and the confirm deaths- source MDH

Weather Information:  

Current Temperature:  34*F; raining; this afternoon 33*F, continue raining; tonight= 28*F; mix precipitation; Monday High= 36*F; low=25*F; Tuesday high=28*F; low=10*F.

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