December 2012 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program Archives

Songs range from the 80's to current time from cool rock to Gospal music.  It brings memories of the past time and draw us closer to highway to heaven.

Weather Information on this date:  current temperature is 31*F in Minneapolis; This afternoon forecast 32*F; at 7:00PM= 31* again; tonight=29*F and snowing, in the Metropolitan will be 4"-8" and no

Current temperature: 25*F; This afternoon:  31*F; tonight: 18*F; snow shower to night; tomorrow High=25*F; low=18*F; colder and partly cloudy; Tuesday high=29*F; low=20*F; snow shower again.

Today's current temperature: 15*F; this afternoon 20*F with increased cloudy; tonight 11*F; tomorrow high= 17*F; low= 10*F with light snow; Tuesday high= 11*F; low= -2*F with partly cloudy.