December 2014 Fresh Fruit Archives

Host: Roxanne Anderson
Co-Host: Quinn Villagomez
DJ: Michelle Be
Tonight’s show is all about Health and Beauty!
Guest include: Jonathan Badboy Gibson, Erike Ferrato, Quentin Adams and Claire Kohner


Hosts: Dixie Treichel & John Townsend with guests: Robbie Rogers, Joan Vorderbruggen, Anthony Ceballos, Adrian Balbontin


Robbie Rogers, pro soccer player with the LA Galaxy, author

“Coming Out to Play” by Robbie Rogers with Eric Marcus, PENGUIN Books, November  25, 2014

A Very "Mary" Christmas!

Pete talks with RJ Penny and Zander Sellie from Can't Covert Love MN, an organization aiming to legislatively ban conversion therapy for minors in Minnesota.   Pete also serves up a varied collection of queer Christmas songs!