August 2011 Fresh Fruit Archives

8/4/2011 Fresh Fruit

Artist-activist Jane Evershed talks about her new line of cards as well as he thoughts and ideas on the environment – also joining us is he daughter Elizabeth Mattingly.

8/11/2011 Fresh Fruit
8/25/2011 Fresh Fruit

Witch Hunts, and leathermen and Wiccans, oh my!

Hosts Peter Gokey and Kendrick Davies speak with Mrs. Margie Pederson about gay Wiccans, authors Tracy Baim and Owen Keehnen about their book Leatherman: The Legend of Chuck Renslow, and Meredith Aby about the FBI repression of anti-war activists.

8/18/2011 Fresh Fruit

Hosts: Dixie Treichel & John Townsend

Guests: Dawn Mikkelson,filmmaker;
Scot Moore,Director;
Barb Ryman, singer/songwriter

Barb Ryman plays Live in the studio from her new CD Release