April 2010 The Rockhouse Archives

4/1/2010 The Rockhouse
4/8/2010 The Rockhouse
4/15/2010 The Rockhouse

Tax Day on the Rockhouse. While you’re busy looking for an envelope and stamp to send in your 1040 Form, we’ll spin the good stuff. We’ll celebrate Fashion Week, happening now in the Twin Cities. Speaking of fashion, Hotpants in the house for the second half of the show. Their fabulous 45s will make us all feel like super models. Are you ready for your close-up?

4/22/2010 The Rockhouse

It’s Earth Day here at the Rockhouse. We’ll put out the call to action with some music about the wonderful world. We’ll spend quite a bit of time in one of the most wonderfulest parts of the world – New Orleans as we kick off JazzFest with 90 minutes of music from the Crescent City courtesy of special guest Mark Trehus.

4/29/2010 The Rockhouse

And you thought it was just the last Thursday of April… DJ Fathertime joins us in the studio for a three hour tour on the timeline. Ray Barretto, Otis Rush, Marimba Fest 2010, rubber patents, and Jan Brady. Why wouldn’t you want to listen?