February 2010 The Rockhouse Archives

2/4/2010 The Rockhouse

It’s early February. In Rockhouse parlance, that means this is the week that we celebrate the show’s birthday. 23 years of bringing you Residents the Good Stuff on Thursday mornings. Thank you for your support. We couldn’t do it without you.

2/11/2010 The Rockhouse

The second Thursday of the month and a mile of snow on the ground…It can mean only one thing: Hotpants! You will shake; you will shimmy; you will shing-a-ling. Be sure to check out the 45 by former NFL great Rosie Grier.

2/18/2010 The Rockhouse

The days are getting longer but the records still clock in at just over 2 minutes. Tune in to the second half of the show as we welcome Mick Novak and her awe-inspiring (and sexy) array of 45s.

2/25/2010 The Rockhouse

Miss Sara and DJ Fathertime roll out the red carpet today in anticipation of the Academy Awards coming up on March 7. All the music today comes from the movies. We’ll also welcome film projectionist John Behling from the Trylon Microcinema for an insider’s look at what’s cool and upcoming in the land of 35mm film.