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7/3/2014 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

7/3 in a nutshell…

On the first RSST of last year, we declared July “Space Month” and we haven’t forgotten! In “Everybody Ska,” Minister of Science and Space Exploration Prince Buster conducts an EVA from Tommy McCook’s famed Rocket Ship to the lunar north pole, where he finds… you guessed it, Ska On Top of the Moon! After the hat-trick of “Earth Man,” Leave Earth,” and “Man Is Going to Leave Earth,” Martian giants (and their guns!), time machines, Telstar, stardust, a bad moon, and, of course, ganja, all find their way into the “Ooh” mix this week. When Sherwood takes over, things get even further out, with Ga-In’s “Tinkerbell” (remember, she’s real and she’s a 3-way intergalactic traffic collision!), Emil Richards’ fortuitously-titled July calendar-album track “Ruby” (listen for the ramblings of a certain Galactic Gumshoe, a good one, mixed in with this choice cut) and Mutant Frogs’ own “Jungles of the Galaxy,” in addition to “Flying Saucers,” a “Space Moth” and the always-welcome “Little City in Space.” The spaceyness continues into the Home Stretch with a “Marvelous Trip to the Planets,” Roy Ellis on the Moon, and oddly enough, a 5@5:05 that have fiddly-all to do with space… and that’s ALL they have in common! But fear not, there’s more cosmic skankin’ to be done next week, so tune in,,, and stay tuned!

7/10/2014 Rocket Ship Ska Trip