March 2016 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

The RSST Nutshell  3/3/16

Opening oldies:  straight wingin' it. An alternating vocal/instro/vocal/instro pattern took hold, and we ran with it, breaking the form a handful of times. Sugar & Dandy helped us tease the 5@5:05.

Sherwood's Planet:  Hal Blaine and Emil Richards' calendar album cuts, "Old Rockin' Square", Earl Bostic goes Bond… James Bond,  some electro-lounge and a couple of YMCK goodies.

The RSST has a bye week. Catch ya on the flip-flop! _Rocket Ship Crew

The RSST Nutshell 3/17/16… it's the International Women of Ska… and Rocksteady, Lounge, Space Age Pop, and more! This is the program which had been planned for last week, but re-scheduled for this week due to necessary technical maintainence of KFAI. Archived online, as always, for the next two weeks. Enjoy! :^)

The RSST Nutshell 3/24/16

Oops! We entirely forgot about our partial Pt. 2 of International Women of Ska, which we'll get to NEXT week. But hey, we had a great show THIS week! Here's the rundown…

Opening oldies:   Back-to-back Jamaica Skas!   –   Leave Earth, then Drive West!   -  Back-to-back Jamborees!  -  Plus, 1st-generation Skas in Spanish and German, and a 2Tone-era track in French!

The RSST Nutshell 3/31/16

For openers: a nice stretched-out set of old-school Jamaican boogie, including Don Drummond's great "Mr. & Mrs. T.V." and the Blues Blasters' take on "Margie" ("Marjie"). The Azie Lawrence double-play includes "Pempelem" for a very good reason made clear by Sherwood B. Funn as we commence orbit around his Planet.