February 2016 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

The RSST Nutshell 2/18/16

1:  The Oooooooooh: opening oldies – a fistful of '60s JA oldies, including Lloyd Charmers'  Dollars and (James) Bonds!

2:  Sherwood's Planet: Vibraholics Unite! – plus the Sherwood's debut of Jun Togawa's old band Yapoos!

3:  The Home Stretch: Unicorn Records 5(+1)@5:05  (a little early, actually) – plus brand-new Slackers on Brainlab Groove!

The RSST Nutshell 2/25/16

Ooh, it's the Opening Oldies Hullabaloo – Teaching Lord Brynner to Ska, plus the 'b'-side to the original "Rudy,  A Message… " and catching the Hee Cups from Sir Harry.