December 2015 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

The RSST Nutshell 12/3/15

Opening oldies:  Teaching Lord Brynner to ska!  Sherwood's Planet: Meco-fied Star Wars!!!!!  The Home Stretch:  The "Lollipop" who was an Eskino, The Police in a Suitcase, and Fishbone at Ground Zero! (no, not OUR Ground Zero… but we can dream, can't we?)

The RSST Nutshell 12/10/15

Opening oldies:  a "Green Collie" is definitely not a dog!  Sherwood's Planet:  Wow, look at those two giant Space Moths!  The Home Stretch: "Drag-on"…  and carry on!  No extra fee, we promise! Better knock back that cider before boarding, though… it'll have you seeing stardust, and you don't wanna miss that! What you DO wanna do is tune in… and stay tuned!

The RSST Nutshell 12/17/15

The RSST Nutshell, Xmas Eve 2015 edition! Adam? …Eve? You can both come down out of Sir Lord Comic's sleeve now… it's time! Santa finds himself at risk of being cannibalized by an entire school choir, Roland Alphonso contemplates being a bell, and Dudley Williamson promises "Anything You Want." Raimon Kenbo has a "Monster Christmas" f'real… both Godzilla and Santa Claus turn up in the very first line of his song!

The RSST Nutshell – Auld Lang Ska edition 12/31/15