December 2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

12/1/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

12/1 in a nutshell…

Beatles covers made up the 4@4… and the GotchaSKAvered Ska Cover-of-the-Month Club selection for December, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. Paul McCartney named the principal character in the song (Desmond) after Desmond Dekker, and sho’nuff, Mr. Dekker went ahead and covered it! Wouldn’t you? I know I would. Anyway, Desmond Dekker had a record in the market-place… and here it is, complete with a bit of Dekker’s own Wise Man tacked on at the end. Sherwood brought more of his recently-acquired KFAI Record Sale goodies (basically, this stuff comes from one planet to another… Jet Set to Sherwood’s. Big-ups to Glen!)
A newie invaded the oldies hour, as sometimes happens ‘round here.
Skankworks/IMT side-project Carr/McWheele Orchestra expands our in-house bumper selection with Time Beings, which is going to remind you of something… ain’t sayin’ what. Enjoy!

12/8/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

12/8 in a nutshell…
The 4@4 visited Red Eye City, Phoenix City, Center City and Motor City! Prince Buster’s GotchaSKAvered with this week’s Ob-La-Di installment, and stay tuned for the extended double-shot of Joey Altruda! Sherwood beams in some new Shiina, Margot Blanche digs the Duke, and in the Ooh, Prince Jazzbo takes over late in the hour… but Buster and Baby Face are hot on his heels! Near the start of the show, Count Ossie can be heard Swinging for Joy. Tis the season!

12/15/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

12/15 in a nutshell…
Just ‘cuz the weather began gusting up the shivers, we here at RSST GotchadoubleSKAvered this week. The sunny Ob-La-Di gets a bedrock ska treatment from (uh, who else…?) The Bedrocks, followed up with one of Australia’s finest, Gabriella Cilmi (chill me). Actually, she’ll warm you up quite nicely. The twin Ob-Las were sandwiched between a set of double-shots (Toots, Giuliano Palma and TSPO with two apiece) and an all-TC 4(+2)-in-a-row. In orbit around Sherwood’s Planet, Mr. Funn discovers the AIMToronto Orchestra, kicking off a set that veers from Jackie Mittoo and Okapi with Aldo Kapi’s Orchestra to Taro Hakase’s Wonder-ful Stevie cover, Tuatara visiting the Land of Oz (and we mean Oz, not Australia!) Alfredo Rodriguez making a Difference, Shiina Ringo doing what nobody does better, Artie Shaw Stopping ‘n’ Going and YMCK Socopogogo-ing. And, of course, check out the Ooh as it effortlessly shifts gears from Tea For Two to Cocktails For Two. Go, Jimmy, go!

12/22/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

12/22 in a nutshell…
It’s Merry Skanksmas aboard the RSST, even if the string of Mutant Frogs tunes kicking off Hour 3 have diddly to do with the holidays, and same goes for Ob-La-Di, this week served up by the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble. Si Cranstoun (The Dualers) waxes eloquently about Miss Santa Claus, Hepcat turns in their New Years anthem Country Time (NOT about lemonade, btw), Derrick Morgan reminds us it’s alright to have a good time (heck, it’s mandatory!) and out on the slopes, it’s all about Gina… just ask Kid Creole (August Darnell). In the Voov, Sherwood recieved papayas and mangos from Shiina Ringo (yum!), the Wave Benders and the Crestriders went surfin’ ‘round Christmas Island and Takano & Tajima and Perfume gave us enough winter and snow to make up for the otherwise total lack of it up here in orbit. In the Ooh, Sir Lord Comic took us ska-ing up around the western North Pole, the Gable Hall School Choir revealed once again their cannibalistic designs on Santa Claus (good enough to eat!) ;^D and Tommy McCook reminded us all that The World Needs Love. Got it? Spread it. ‘Nuff said, and may the Santa you eat be made of pure dark, rich chocolate. Minty, perhaps!

12/29/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

12/29 in a nutshell…
Whaddoo they say ‘bout the best-laid plans of mice and DJs? We here at the RSST brought most of what we’d planned to play, but it kept getting lost among all the Just-in-case I can’t find… plan-B’s (if you could even call’em plan-B’s!) and this, therefore, dear skassengers, ended up being a pure seat-of-the-pants flight! But not to worry, we still got in not one but TWO GotchaSKAvereds (Ob-La-Di Heptones style and Joyce Bond style), a Sly & Robbie visit to J-Paradise (Japan, pre-Big One) and some wise New Years advice from Giuliano Palma (Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy). Sherwood rediscovered a favorite steel-band session (Stardust doing Out Of My Dreams… the gloriously full-length complete take on the Cocktails for Two – Romance with a Twist compilation, not the mercilessly-truncated edit found on the band’s own actual album, originally issued on hifirecord and reissued by Ryko). The Cap’n & Cozy kicked off the Ooh once again with Bunny & Skitter reminding their chauffeur not to drive drunk. Be safe out there, revelers!