July 2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

7/7/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

7/7 in a nutshell…
We noticed the night sky beginning to turn blue at the tail-end of this week’s show, where we had some time remaining after The End.
And, you got Ringrolled this week to close out the whopping 4(+3)-in-a-row, just before the inaugural July GotchaSKAvered Ska Cover-of-the-Month Club selection… Live MADNESS, doing the Prince Buster classic they took their name from! Sherwood lit-up the Voov with tributes to both YMO and, unexpectedly, Michel Legrand! He opened the hour, though, by squirreling himself away in a Capsule bound for Space Station no. 9. Once aboard, however, the beings he met there claimed that They Came From Beyond Space! The opening oldies hour set everything up nicely by launching from The Moon before plowing through the Jet Stream and crashing into Ocean #11!
Alternate Earth has that many, you know… one of the alternate Earths, anyway… (did somebody say more than one? Cue imaginary Twilight Zone-ish music… )

7/14/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

7/14 in a nutshell…

GotchaSKAvered’s July selection Madness gets the Georgie Fame treatment this week. Mr. Fame, of Blue Flames fame (heh, heh) was Prince Buster’s keyboardist on the Prince’s UK productions such as 1962’s Wash Wash. Shuffle-beat Ska made up the 4()@4, The Selecter stomped their way through Bristol and Miami for a great 4 minutes, and all of this commenced after Sherwood (he of Planet fame, speaking as we were earlier of fame… ) took us around a world populated by the likes of Lydia Lunch, Shiina Ringo and Perfume, not to mention the Son of Godzilla! A double shot of Twist (from Owen Gray and Gary U.S. Bonds) made its way early into the first hour. Funny, even the Bonds number sounded a bit like Ska… Chikitup!

7/21/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

7/21 in a nutshell… and we mean a NUTshell!

One of those nuts, er, nights… the moon musta had something to do with it. We didn’t even gotcha SKAvered ‘til nearly the end of the show, but when we finally did, it was Prince Buster’s live 1967 On Tour version driving us to Madness this time out. Our set of tunes related to each other by having nothing whatsoever to do with the moon was supposed to be confined to the 4@4, but that plan got off the launchpad without us aboard for the ride! Sherwood had better luck with a more consistently thematic second hour, while the Opening Oldies Hour (OOH!) navigated a rather circuitous series of orbits. But, aren’t they all? Just for the record(s), this show featured the Skatalites, the Ska-talites and the Ska-ta-lites! Oh, and Roland Alphonso, too.

7/28/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

7/28 in a nutshell…

Sing it with me now: It’s Fun To Listen To Wyyyyyy-Emmmmm-Cee-Kay!! …and YMCK don’t even cover The Village People! (They DO cover Frankie Valli, and in French, to boot, but that’s another story for a different show.) Sarada Shabadaba marks the 8-bit swing band’s splashdown on Sherwood’s Planet in high style! What do they sound like? Well, imagine a bunch of old Tetris and Galaga machines having a jam session after-hours down at the arcade… and then a trio of the 23rd century’s cutest jazz singers chime in in slightly-too-perfect harmony… welcome to chip-bop (which is actually just the tip o’the iceberg for this outfit!) Meanwhile, over in ska land, politics rules the 4@4, Prince Buster joins The Selecter for Madness on the GotchaSKAvered, and a certain Derrick wishes he were an Apple.