April 2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

4/7/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

4/7 in a nutshell…
Pledge drive edition week 2, and our Rocket Ship visits (Derrick Morgan’s) The Moon and The Planets (band) with their Follow the Leader. And no, I’m NOT dreaming… Kid-Nap is, and Hal Blaine’s even Hallucinating, to boot! But they’re not imagining Sammy Kaye Talking to the Animals by the light or Joe Loco’s Silvery Moon, ‘cuz that’s actually happening! In the 4(+2)@4, lollies are getting popped by Millie Small, the mysterious fictitious Fizzy, Malaysia’s finest Gerhana Ska Cinta, 2Toners Bad Manners and The Selecter, and originator Barbie (not Marvin’s aunt) Gaye. The Strange Tenants kick off a month-long GotchaSKAvered tribute to Prince Buster’s fave gangster Al Capone, and the Tokyo Ska make a respectable showing, complete with Shiina Ringo. By the way, we’d love it if she’d cut 2 more skas so we could make her our 4@4 feature at some point in the future. OK, everybody, now: Dreeeeeeamm aaahhh-nnn!

4/14/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

4/14 in a nutshell…
Ska-de-wah! Maureen and Felicia get Mr. Chauffeured straight to the Vienna Woods to be taught the Ska, and Mr. Bond, James Bond, shows up… you just know there’s a who-o-ole lotta mashin’ goin’ on even BEFORE the party meets up with Baron von Skankin’ Frank… and quite a bit o’ double-dip would characterize what Sherwood B. Funn gets up to by way of kicking off the lounge-y Hour 2! Lounge head-on collides with Ska in the 4@4 Joey Altruda tribute saluting two of his bands, and April’s GotchaSKAvered cover subject Al Capone gets run through in short order by the Hotknives this week… ouch!

4/21/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

4/21 in a nutshell…
A couple of truncated oops-wrong-track glitches (sonuvaglitch!) kick off an all-oldie Hour One this week, in which Laurel Aitken does NOT cover Little Richard, Sugar Dandy do not cry, and a paper boy does not pitch Kentrick Patrick the Morning News. Noteworthy nots in Sherwood’s orbit include The Ventures playing Noisy Village (Not!), Teddy Mertens rockin’ the Cabstand (Not!) and Larry Coryell landing us on Planet Middle (Not!). This week’s 4(+1)@4 is higher than a kite, GotchaSKAvered’s April cover subject Al Capone finds himself in the employ of Emperor Rosko (is this a great empire or what?) and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra have something new to share with us… isn’t that nice? Thanks, guys!

4/28/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

The Rocket Ship launched into light sprinkles this week, so The Silvertones’ Raindrops seemed a good choice for openers in a set where we stopped that train, marched forward, loved both you and your company, and met Miss Lulu. ut y’know what never grows old? Toots hooking up with The Skatalites, Terry Hall and U-Roy for The Maytals’ True Love all-star release of just a few years back.
Somewhere in orbit around Sherwood’s, Mr. Funn celebrated Duke Ellington and Earl Bostic, birthday boys this past week, and rediscovered where those Janelle Monae and Margot Blanche cds were filed. Babopbye-ya! Ska by artists not known for it made up the 4(+1)@4, and GotchaSKAvered sent Al Capone off to the court of the late great and infamously BBC-banned Judge Dread. Next week, new month, new cover ska-ng! Oww, that was bad…
G-O-O-O-N-GGGG!!! :^)