February 2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

2/3/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

2/3 in a nutshell…
We’ve once again taken to observing birthdays here on the Rocket Ship, and this week we had a bumper crop. Bob Marley, Derrick Harriott (on Bob’s day!), Lester Sterling, Arthur Lyman (the inspiration for a few choice Skatalites covers for Top Deck) and Hal Blaine, who gave us a percussive psych instrumental for every month of the year. Cakes and candles aside, some outfit calling itself the Special Beat existed in the late ’60s, beating the Specials/English Beat blended band by a good quarter century! They recorded for our fine feathered physician friend Dr. Bird… Our initial 4(+1)-in-a-row plan (3 minute heroes) got Busted up real bad this week, February’s GotchaSKAvered tune is Don Drummond’s Confucious, we got Frosted with The Dualers, and we threw in a Skeatles set… Ska for mop-tops! Like David Lindley once said, Ev’wybody skweem!

2/10/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

2/10 in a nutshell…
We had a wrap-up/celebration of the 3-band ska fest down at the recently-renamed Cause at Lyndale Lake… Secondhand Ska Kings, Umbrella Bed and The Prizefighters played to a nicely-crowded and very receptive house just hours before also getting played on the RSST, both in hour 1 and on the 4@4! Sherwood lit candles for Don Wilson (The Ventures), Bobby Monster Mash Pickett and big-bander Buddy Morrow, and we resumed discovering Caro Emerald… told ya you’d be hearing more from her! The GotchaSKAvered Ska Cover-of-the-Month selection (Confucious) got the Josh Roseman treatment this week and heads-up, skassengers… THE TOASTERS make another Triple Rock appearance Wed. 2/16. You can be sure Rob Bucket Hingley will bring his mobile Megalith store with him, his crates are a gas to dig through, and his legendary band got some play in RSST’s 3rd hour… and another Caro Emerald gem got spun as well!

2/17/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

The preceding program, In Your Ear’s annual Love Stinks special inspired us at the RSST to send djs Angie ‘n’ Buck off with a lovely Dawn Penn lament, Too Much Hurt, followed up by an oldies set rockin’ steady all the way from pre-ska through skinhead all the way to the 2tone era, and crossing two oceans to boot! Sherwood B. Funn lit birthday cakes for banjoist Eddie Great Latin Hits Peabody (how else would a banjo player find his way into a swanky lounge mix?) and the mighty Mucho Macho Machito. The 4(+1)@4 included both PuffyAmiYumi and Shiina Ringo in a Women Of Ska set (both TSPO collabs), GotchaSKAvered found the spirit of Don D. alive and well in Australia, and The Pepper Pots covered a Millie Small b-side. And besides… oh, just go listen to the archives and find out for yourself.

2/24/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

2/24 in a nutshell…
Jimmy Cliff finds Ska All Over the World, Pama Records proves there’s more than one way to spell Rico, Morgan (Mott) Fisher 2-tones MacArthur Park before there was a 2Tone, and… what if Roland Alphonso were a bell? Well, for starters, he could be ringin’ it all-the-way-live all night long, just like the real bell that drove the RSST crew to distraction this week! We’ve since learned how to deal with that thing next time it goes off… Mr. Funn mounted a 5-song salute to… no, not Shiina Ringo, but Yukimi Nagano (think Koop.‘s Summer Sun). In 4@4-land, it was Eastern Seaboard Time, and GotchaSKAvered sent Confucious off in high big-band-blowout style with the Jazz Jamaica All Stars. Pow!!!