December 2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

12/2/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

12/2 in a nutshell…
Hour 1: Wingin’ the Oldies + Coyabalites, Toots The Skatalites (along with U-Roy and Terry Hall!), Stubborn, Rotterdam, Big 6 and our own Umbrellas. Hour 2: A vibes set, the belated-by-a-week Shiina Ringo birthday tribute, and some spacey Frank Comstock. Hour 3: Japanese Ska (including more Ringo biz), Fatty’s Girl Lollipop, more British Ska, and flying saucer wreckage… but it still takes The End and new regular character Cy Knopf’s countdown to take us away!

12/9/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

12/9 in a nutshell…
Teachin’ the Ska, from way up in the Jet Stream down to the Vienna Woods all the way to the Honky Tonk. Also the album debut of the TC’s very own Prizefighters, and 2 ska Beatles covers… r.i.p., John.
In hour 2, a certain Mr. Ho salutes Esquivel in high style, two Papayas and a Mango mix it up in Winter Wonderland, Ja-Da gets cha-cha’d, Tico gets Tico’d, and the Rumble gets mamboed. Then, a bumper-crop 4(+3)-in-a-row salutes the Ska Beat label, the Lolli gets Meu Bemmed, and The Prizefighters come back for a return match… knock yourself out!

12/16/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

12/16 in a nutshell…
Listen for a pretty cool 3-tune mix during Hr. 1_ Otis Gayle into (Harry Hosono’s) Tin Pan Alley into Li’l Gizzelle! Hour 2 find: Rosemary Clooney’s original Mangos (we’ve been known to drop Shiina Ringo’s cover Papaya Mango into the mix and one of these weeks we’ll play ‘em back-to-back). In Hr. 3, the 4@4 tells you to do something! … whether it’s Turning Around, dancing the Jamaica Ska, Just Saying Yeah!, or simply Moving Your Feet. Lollipop a la français was served up by Agnes Loti, and we hear another tune from the Prizefighters new debut. Follow their sound_ it’s heavyweight!

12/23/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

12/23 in a nutshell…
Merry Skanksmas, skassengers… due to the fact that a good crateful of our music got left on the launchpad this week, we had to reach, reach, reach for ska/rocksteady/reggae/lounge that we could tangentially connect to winter, let alone Christmas! Hence, Alton Ellis’ Remember That Sunday because this Sunday is Boxing Day, Tokyo Ska’s And the Angels Sing because the title mentions singing angels, and Gil Fuller and the MJFO’s Seesaw because some of you may be giving/receiving an actual seesaw for Christmas! That said, we still had authentic seasonal goodies like Granville Williams’ Santa Claus Is Ska-ing To Town and a couple of Nutcracker goodies a la Duke Ellington. Will Santa give Shiina Ringo a Rickenbacker guitar and a Marshall amp (and, presumably, a quarter-inch cable to connect the two) for Christmas? …or will Mr. Sandman??
Listen to Marunouchi Sadistic (Expo Version) for the pertinent clue, and happy Ska-lidays, skassengers!

12/30/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

12/30/10 in a nutshell…
Happy New Year, skassengers! We threw the opening-oldies-set rule right out the window just so we could kick the show off with Hepcat’s New Years entry Country Time from Scientific, and devote the rest of the hour to ska from the first decade of the 21st century, with a heaping helping of 2010’s finest to boot, and Sherwood played the first golden-moldie (Maury Laws’ King Kong cartoon theme) while in orbit around his Planet. The authentic ’60s
ska kicked off Hr. 3 and the stuff ran like water… by the way, how’re ya likin’ this early-spring rain in late December??? Given what’s coming our way NYE night, I shouda broken out Kawakami’s Ice Ball again, but, hey, I can do that again next week… right?
We did commemorate the Thursday rain Tokyo Ska style, anyway…