November 2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip Archives

11/4/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

11/4 in a nutshell…
Hour 1 hops, skips and jumps from pre-Wailers Marley (early Beverleys stuff) to pre-YMO Hosono (J-Ska from ’76, y’all) with a pre-Rocksteady Stop That Train and Don Drummond’s pre-mortem Memorial as stops along the way. It’s the pre-Sherwood’s Planet set!
Speaking of Mr. Funn, he finished some Cozy Cole business started 2 weeks ago (Topsy I II) by playing the little-heard Turvy I and Turvy II. 3 spooky surf bands, 3 Suns, and some Good Old Progressive Jazz later, we had an Alcatraz Peace Pipe, some Funk Rings, Mooncussers (air-safe, y’all) and more mid-‘70s Harry Hosono magic. The Cap’n and Cozy came back honoring an old request for some Aggrolites as part of a Ska Bands Do Reggae 4@4, and Ernest Ranglin’s Lollie-of-the-Week was sung ably by Alana Davis… and just before The End, Mr. Trouble meets The Munsters!

11/11/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

11/11 in a nutshell…
In Hour 1’s major highlight following the oldies set, jazz piano wunderkind Hiromi made her RSST debut by sitting in with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra on their brand-new track Suinkikutsu, from the ep [Goldfingers] on Avex. Sherwood required the Cap’n‘s help to get rolling, but roll he did, with everybody from Tsuyoshi Kawakami to Lionel Hampton to The Tarantulas(?). A whopping 11-in-a-row in hour 3 consisted entirely of title tracks, and fictitious animated character Fizzy delivered one of the hottest Lollipops on record!!! we’re m-m-m-e-e-l-l-l-t-t-i-n-n-n-n-ggg….

11/18/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

11/18 in a nutshell…
Owen Grey Mashes It, and The Skatalites Can’t Sit Down. Raymond Harper goes on a Safari aboard the Sloop John B, Bunny Skitter catch their Chauffeur driving drunk, and Lynn Hope is, simply, Shocking… and that’s just the opening oldies set! Both Freetime and Mr. Funn have new stuff from the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, and that other Tokyo act, Jihen, chime in with one of their album Sports’s cutest songs ever, Utten Kekkou, just after Steve Turre’s epic The Emperor. Island Records were responsible for this week’s 4(+1)@4, and we had 2 Lollipops this week, and the Lolli takes next week off. Listen on the archives, and see ya at The Dropsteppers’ show at the Hex on Friday! edit: there was no Dropsteppers show at the Hex on Friday… 2 shows were scheduled for the same stage on the same night, and the ‘Steppers lost out to the guy who wrote the Friends theme… Oh, well! Mr. Solem and his band put on a good, tight pop set, by the way.

11/25/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

11/25 in a nutshell…
Hour 1: Flat seat-of-the-pants wingin’ it, including a couple of surprise discoveries in toaster Prince Jazzbo chatting ‘pon a great old Studio 1 early-rocksteady-just-emerging-from-ska riddim I wasn’t previously aware of, and Mungo’s Hi-Fi with Belly Ska Dub featuring a certain MC Ishu. Also busting it on-the-fly was Sherwood B. Funn, who stopped, goed, mamboed, forgot about Shiina Ringo’s birthday (so we’re mentioning it here; happy 32!), and generally carried on for an hour, Hour 2 to be specific. The 4@4 was strictly for the birds, including three Doctors and a Black Swan, and Lolli Popp had the week off. Also, Gina Gina takes skiing lessons… whoooosh!